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Payment Processor Extensions

PaymentHub allows you to process payments through any SEPA bank, Payment Service Provider and new FinTech payment processors. For many payment processors, StepOrange already has a pre-built extension available that offers a deep integration with the payment processor. Developers can also utilize our API to build their own payment processor extension with PaymentHub.

Payment Providers that also want to offer a ready to use extension into PaymentHub can contact us.

Any SEPA Bank

PaymentHub supports SEPA Direct Debit and bank statement processing through any SEPA-compliant bank. Simply add your bank account details and creditor ID through the setup screen and you can execute Direct Debit runs straight from Salesforce.
Select banks even offer a Straight-through processing (STP) channel that allows full automation of the Direct Debit process and removes the need for manual uploads with the bank, all while maintaining a secure audit trail of the run approval and execution.

Any Payment Service Provider

Processing online payments can be done with many different payment methods. PaymentHub empowers you to collect payments via any payment method by integrating with any Payment Service Provider. By allowing you to connect multiple Payment Service Providers into PaymentHub you can choose the best vendor per payment method and region.

The ever growing list of pre-built integrations include: Adyen, Buckaroo, Stripe and Worldpay. If your vendor of choice is not yet listed, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

New Fintech payment solutions

The Fintech market is growing rapidly as more and more payment solutions become available to consumers. PaymentHub allows you to easily include new Fintech payment solutions in your payment journeys. Allow transactions through Bitcoin, Facebook payments, Wallets and many others just as easily as traditional payment methods. PaymentHub allows you to match the payment habits of your customers!