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The StepOrange PaymentHub is a Customer Payment Management (CPM) solution in the heart of Salesforce CRM. It supports one-off and recurring payment processing for any Payment Method and any Payment Provider. By placing payment processing logic in the heart of Salesforce CRM the PaymentHub empowers organizations to create 1-to-1 payment journeys for every customer payment, hereby optimizing cash management and brand experience during every payment.

SEPA Direct Debit straight from Salesforce

SEPA Direct Debit is a European system that allows organizations to collect payments from customers’ payment accounts in the 34 SEPA countries and associated territories.

PaymentHub allows organizations to process one-off or a recurring SEPA Direct Debit payments through their own bank from Salesforce. It supports SEPA Direct Debit payment processing for every bank.

Processing SEPA Direct Debits through organizations own bank accounts creates increasing transparency and clarity on bank statements of their customers and it is more cost effective than processing indirectly through an external Payment Service Provider.

Payment Processor Selector

PaymentHub is built with external processors in mind. Through our open API and platform technology, any Payment Service Provider (PSP) and bank, can be connected to PaymentHub. You are not just limited to one PSP or bank. The Payment Processor Selector allows you to use several PSP’s in parallel and choose a Payment Processor for each payment method, currency and region. Allowing you to create a global payment solution with localized execution.

Cross-Channel & Cross-Processor Retry Management

PaymentHub Retry Management enriches payment transaction data with organizations CRM data in real-time. This allows organizations to instantly personalize and optimize their cash collection process to their client’s profile.
Meaning that any transaction, no matter the origin or original payment method, can ultimately be closed through any other channel, processor or payment method. This allows you to offer your customer the full range of choice when it comes to method and channel of payment.

Universal Pay-links

Using our universal pay-links in combination with the powerful PaymentHub Payment API, you can unlock payments in any channel, application, website or app. Create personalized pay-links to give your customers a personalized and secure payment experience, or use anonymous pay-links on public websites or in banner campaigns. And because PaymentHub is fully compatible with Salesforce’s multi-currency feature, you can accept payments in any currency.