Converse combines many of the PaymentHub core functionalities into an integrated CRM solution for nonprofits. It is designed and built on the Salesforce App Cloud specifically for European Nonprofits. Converse helps your organization build and nurture life-long relationships with each of your constituents.

  • Donor Management

  • Member Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Legacy Management

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • Online Payment Processing

Segment your donors

SegmentScience is an integral part of Converse. It allows communication and marketing experts to segment their data for campaigns and personalized Customer Journeys. The segmented data can be used to feed into marketing solutions (like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud), run reports and dashboard or give customer service representatives a quick insight into the value of the relation.

For inbound processes like requests, cases, additional giving and payment reversals SegmentScience can create personalized Customer Journeys that are being driven by a broad set of data insights.

Built around payment processing

Payment Collection from the heart of Salesforce CRM. Converse allows organizations to drive one-off and recurring payments directly from the donor profile.

Converse supports SEPA Direct Debit payment processing for any bank, allowing you to continue your current bank relationships and possibly adding new payment partners for new payment methods.

The PaymentHub within Converse connects with most common collecting Payment Service Providers and new FinTech wallets. This allows you to capture donations from a wide variety of payment channels.

Process Online Donations with ease

Converse includes a Payment API that allows you to process one-off and recurring payments from any source. Integrate your website with ease, as the Converse Payment API does all the work. Your website developer will not need any knowledge on how payments are processed, connecting with the Converse Payment API is enough to process all kinds of payment methods. Because all the payments are being processing through Salesforce CRM, your marketing team and your customer service representatives get a real-time insight into the status of donations and the ROI of ongoing campaigns. The built-in Relation API will add or update existing donor information based on your the de-duplication rules you configure.

Want to know more?

If you want more information about how Converse can help your fundraising or member organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.