ABSI acquires non-profit application Converse from StepOrange 2017-12-15T12:27:37+00:00

ABSI acquires non-profit application Converse from StepOrange

Per June 1st, 2017, StepOrange has handed over all responsibilities for its successful Converse app to Salesforce Partner ABSI. Both companies will continue to jointly develop this Salesforce app for non-profits. StepOrange will mainly focus on payment processing functionality, while ABSI will be responsible for the expansion and optimization of the CRM functionality in the application.

In just three years Converse has grown into an important non-profit platform with customers such as Amnesty International, Giro555, UNHCR, Natuurmonumenten, De Waddenvereniging, Open Door, Compassion and the Dutch CDA political party.

Bas Visser, Founder and creator of StepOrange and Converse: “At the start of StepOrange, three years ago, it was our goal to make Salesforce CRM available out of the box for non-profits of any size and drive sector innovation with a solution that sets the standard in fundraising and member management. We are happy and grateful that over 50 international customers have already decided to put their trust in us. To help them with their ongoing success we believe that in this partnership with ABSI we will jointly create an even more powerful tool for the sector.”


Over the last three years Converse has grown into an application that supports all core processes for charities, fundraising and member management. The application consists of two deeply interwoven core elements: CRM functionality and payment processing. Through the acquisition by ABSI, the further development of both core elements is best served. Bas Visser: “We still see many development opportunities for Converse and we think we can best achieve these innovations by dividing the development between ABSI and StepOrange.”


Doubi Ajami, Founder and CEO of ABSI: “I am very happy and excited about the cooperation with StepOrange. With Converse, we can be more active in the non-profit sector and contribute to a better world by making non-profit organizations more efficient, using our technical knowledge to help them achieve their goals.” In 2002 ABSI was the first Salesforce partner in the Benelux. The organization has over 100 employees across offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sri Lanka. ABSI takes over from StepOrange all rights to the full Converse application including all related customer obligations. Customer Success Manager Klaas Jansen has moved from StepOrange to ABSI to ensure continuity for all clients and implementations.


StepOrange is a fast-growing Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the field of FinTech and specialized in developing applications on the Salesforce App Cloud. As a FinTech company, it is processing one-off and reciprocal payments for both the profit and non-profit sectors. The PaymentHub as developed by StepOrange is not only used as a Customer Payment Management solution within Converse, but also in many other applications, such as Salesforce CPQ and Sage Live.