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About StepOrange

The global payment market is innovating at a rapid pace and consumers are increasingly adopting new payment methods,  channels and wallets. We believe that customers should be enabled to leverage all their old and newly adopted means of making payments.

StepOrange empowers organizations to offer every relevant payment method to their customers for both one-off and recurring payments. By enabling organizations to manage their payments from the heart of their customer profile, organizations can create 1-to-1 payment journeys for every payment. This creates an optimal customer and brand experience while improving the overall cash management of the organization.

With the PaymentHub, StepOrange offers a 100% Salesforce native payment processing engine. It supports one-off and recurring payment processing from every source object to every payment processor. The PaymentHub offers a growing numbers of pre-integrated payment extension packages for global and local payment providers. The API First architecture makes it easy for developers to add their own local payment provider as well. The StepOrange Source Connectors offer pre-integrated extensions into popular AppExchange solutions.

Roots and Roads

A few of the organizations we are proud to serve

StepOrange converts millions of one-off and recurring payments successfully each year across a variety of payment methods and providers. We are proud to be trusted by a growing body of organizations. Join them if you also want to empower your customers with the ability to pay invoices, subscriptions or donations via any payment method.

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